The Conservation Innovation Center (CIC) was established in 2013 to use cutting-edge technology to empower data-driven conservation and restoration. Just as the use of technology changed the corporate world and made it more efficient, technology can do the same for the conservation movement. Through national and international partnerships, the CIC makes this data accessible for restoration professionals to practice precision conservation, yielding greater impact with fewer resources. Read about news coverage of the CIC.
Geospatial Web Applications

Geospatial Web Applications – CIC’s online applications take the form of custom map viewers and user friendly geospatial analysis tools that can be leveraged to process and render vast amounts of geospatial data, empowering conservation and restoration stakeholders to make data driven decisions.

Geospatial Analysis Tools

Restoration Prioritization Tool

Prioritization tool for ranking watersheds for restoration and conservation based on over 200 unique metrics.

Conservation Toolbox

A suite of tools for assessing conservation and restoration value of individual parcels using datasets gathered from around the watershed.

Coastal Resiliency

Members of the Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition partnered to map out green infrastructure and identify opportunities to increase coastal resiliency

Data Visualization

Anne Arundel County Tree Canopy Change Assessement

Interactive viewer and query tool for identifying tree canopy loss and gain in Anne Arundel County Maryland between 2013-2017

Lancaster Clean Water Partners Collaborative Watershed Mapping Tool

Lancaster Clean Water Partners identified key metrics to prioritize and map catchments in Lancaster County based on opportunities for restoration. 

Arundel Rivers Federation Water Quality App

Visualizing years of water quality data captured by the Arundel Rivers Federation

Chesapeake Bay Program Status and Review

Land Cover Production Schedule and Hydrography Status

Web viewer of draft land cover (2017/2018) production schedule and hydrography status. Subject to change.

Planimetric Vintages

Thematic map of planimetric vintages collected from municipalities in the bay watershed, to aid in creation of the Land Cover and Land Use data. 

Land Cover Data Review

Web application for reviewing the 2017/2018 draft land cover products. Password Protected.